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e-Money stablecoins provide an electronic payment system and store of value in the Cosmos ecosystem.

The concept and technology is developed by Block Finance A/S, a Danish Fintech company who are innovating new technologies that bridge traditional financial services and distributed ledger technology.

Secure the e-Money Network by staking Next Generation Money (NGM) token. Join our staking ecosystem.

Validation Address


Expected Reward

19.2% APY

Validation Comission


Payout Frequency


Unbonding Period

21 Days

Fully Collateralized

e-Money stablecoins are backed by collateral in the form of deposits held at commercial banks.


Interest Bearing

Multiple currency-backed stablecoins, each using a dynamic peg that tracks the underlying interest rate. e-Money stablecoin holders benefit from interest accrued on their assets while they sit securely in their wallet.


Global Currencies

e-Money currently supports several European stablecoins such as the eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK and eDKK. e-Money will soon release a host of additional currencies.



The e-Money service operates in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) legislation.



e-Money is audited by Ernst & Young, providing quarterly proof of funds.




Install Keplr

Staking on eMoney is possible with the Keplr wallet browser plugin. If you don’t already have Keplr you will need to install it prior to staking.
If you are unfamiliar with the installation and use of Keplr, please read through our guide on how to Install and Use Keplr.


Stake NGM, the governance token of eMoney

Click on the following link and you will be directed to our eMoney staking interface.

Stake NGM with Artifact.

If you are unsure how to stake or need help with obtaining NGM, please read through our eMoney Staking guide.