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Juno is an interoperable blockchain which provides a simple environment for the deployment of smart contracts.

Validation Address


Expected Reward

112.4% APY

Validation Comission


Payout Frequency


Unbonding Period

28 Days

Scalable and Low Cost

Juno offers a blockchain network that scales to 10,000 transactions per second and provides an environment for cost effective deployment at -99% reduced cost. All this while being the first mover to bring interoperable smart contracts to the blockchain world.


Network Security

As JUNO runs on the delegated Proof-of-Stake based Tendermint PBFT consensus engine, staking is integral to ensuring a secure and robust network.

JUNO will feature some of the most reputable validators in the proof of stake space. Asset holders will be able to stake (delegate) their JUNO and receive their share of the yearly fixed reward allocation.


The JUNO Token

JUNO has a variety of use cases within the JUNO ecosystem, including securing the proof of stake network, on-chain governance, act as transport fuel for all interoperable smart contracts deployed in the ecosystem, collateral in various smart contract usecases and work token to capture value from dapps built on top of JUNO.

Ecosystem dapps deployed on top of JUNO will bring value to JUNO the asset via fees generated on smart contract usage and from the usage of JUNO in vast usecases ranging from defi to nfts.

Similar to Ethereum (ETH) or Terra (LUNA), JUNO is the backbone of the ecosystem and plays a pivotal role in offering a designated smart contract platform that scales, interoperates and provides a fertile sandbox environment for developers from across the blockchain space and beyond.



JUNO holders will be able take part in protocol governance by issuing proposals and voting on various factors which will shape the broader JUNO ecosystem. Each JUNO enables 1 vote in on chain governance.




Install Keplr

Staking on Juno is only possible with the Keplr wallet browser plugin. If you don’t already have Keplr you will need to install it prior to staking.

If you are unfamiliar with the installation and use of Keplr, please read through our guide on how to Install and Use Keplr.


Stake JUNO

Please read through our Juno Staking guide.