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Kintsugi valuts provide a bridge between the Kusama and Bitcoin blockchains.

Staking on Kintsugi coming soon!

Kintsugi is currently in dev net. Staking on Kintsugi will be unavailable until we launch our main net node.

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    Community Owned

    Any user or Vault providing liquidity to the bridge (BTC, KSM, …), crowdloan contributors, early backers, and builders will steer the success of Kintsugi via their KINT tokens.


    Radically Open

    Anyone can become a Vault and help secure kBTC, anytime. Yes, you can run your own Vault!


    Secured by Insurance

    Vaults lock collateral on the kBTC parachain in various digital assets. If Vaults misbehave, their collateral is slashed and users reimbursed. As a user, you only trust that Bitcoin and the DeFi platform you use are secure.



    Kintsugi adopts Polkadot’s governance mechanism, with two modifications: optimistic governance and stake-to-vote.


    Optimistic Governance

    To promote a more active governance process and avoid the “lazy voter” problem, Kintsugi implements “optimistic governance”: proposals agreed on by Council pass automatically, after an “objection period”, unless KINT holders actively vote to oppose.


    Stake to Vote

    To vote, users lock KINT with the Kintsugi parachain. The locking period thereby will impact the voting power: the longer KINT are locked, the more voting power they have, since the voter has a long-term stake in the health of the system.