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Desmos is a social networking blockchain built in the Cosmos ecosystem. It uses game theory and on-chain governance to decentralize the business model of social network which prioritize the interests of users.

Validation Address


Expected Reward

75 – 100%

Validation Comission


Payout Frequency


Unbonding Period

14 Days

Decentralized proof of identity

Users can link up their profiles on decentralized and centralized worlds to create their cross-chain Desmos Profiles.

Decentralized verification

Verification of social links will be done on Band Protocol through Themis API in a decentralized way.

Incentivized to become verified

Desmos Profile aims to provide proof of identity by linking users’ identities from centralized social networks and different “proof of X” blockchains.

No centralized control

The network is operated by DSM stakers & validators in a decentralized manner based on game theory.

Public & open-source development

Desmos will keep improving through the contribution by the community.

Engagement yield farming

Users can earn DSM by participating in the networks actively.